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Real Life
- Plan grocery list
- Book London / Glasgow tickets
- Verify state taxes & actually pay them

- Continue snowflake outline - step 4
- Read TV Tropes for Cas
- Flesh out internal, external, and emotional conflicts for Dean & Cas
- Evaluate high school AU & start worldbuilding - minor characters? what has to change to make this work?
- Research Star Trek (Consider Star Trek vs. Star Wars, all of the series, Kirk/Spock BNFs, fandom, what else do Trekkies like?)
- Look through spn-betas and see if anything catches the eye

Original Fiction
- Begin mutant-worldbuilding.
- Eventually watch Misfits or research to see how they handle superpowers.
- Brainstorm characters, aside from Ellie.
- Flesh out Ellie to stand on her own.
- Make notes of other mutant-verse type fics.
- Gothic Western novel. Thoughts?
- Character sketches / drabbles
- Compost

Reading List
- The Marriage Plot

TV Watch List
- SPN season 7
- Star Trek: The Original Series
- Elementary
- The Vampire Diaries

- Alphard / Hef - started
- Alphard / Thalia - find a reason to fight
- Doran (1/2 for the month)